Mark Sloniker jazz musician and artist
Mark Sloniker jazz artist and musician
Mark Sloniker jazz musician

Just For Fun...

Mark's books of the month:
The award goes to two books (perhaps three).
Risking Everything First is Risking Everything: a book of poems by various poets, edited by Roger Housden who writes little gems which aid and abet these poems in their pointedly provocative poetic prowess to provoke us to “risk everything” to live a life of passion and daring (darn it!)…can my retirement portfolio survive this kind of personal pluck! Oh well I certainly hope so.
Second place goes to Jesus and Buddha: The Parallel Teachings in which, Christian Theologian Marcus Borg finds that all the cool things that Jesus said were also said by Buddha in a very similar context. Buddhist Jack Cornfield writes a very nice introduction and if you get the pictorial edition that I got…the color photos are “worth the price of admission” alone; and then some!   Jesus and Buddha
Ten Poems to Open your Heart   Third place (or Miss Congeniality) goes to Ten Poems To Open Your Heart by that Roger Housden guy, again and in this edition he does such a beautiful job of bringing out sweet light on the poems therein. Read ‘em and weep! (I did)! Let me know what you think! -m.s.
Mark's movies of the month:
Once (that cool movie about singer/songwriter/vacuum-repair-person trying to get their music out there) what a sweet funny heart felt moving movie where the main characters are actually played by real musicians! See it with someone…you see movies with!!! - m.s.
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